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Form: 10 x 1 ml x 100 mg/1 ml

Manufacturer: B.M. Pharmaceuticals
Active Substance Drostanolone Propionate



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The optimal dose of Masten 100 is from 150 to 500 mg every second day. The total cycle length should last from 4 to 12 weeks. Masten 100 mg does not aromatize and lowers the oestrogen level in the body causing most of the users to stack it with testosterone propionate in order to increase the concentration of this hormone. Masten 100 can be stacked with Metanabol, Dianabol or Boldenon.

Masten 100 is an anabolic-androgenic steroid with active substance called drostanolone propionate. The propionate has been originally launched in the 70s by the Syntex company. The drug was given a name Masteron and it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. In medicine, the drug was used in non-operative forms of breasts cancer in women. Nowadays, it is mostly used by bodybuilder in the cutting cycle. Many of the users consider drostanolone propionate as an inseparable element of competition preparations.

The drostanolone propionate is a DHT hormone of a slightly chanced composition. There has been added a methyl group in the 2 carbon position. The change prevents the hormone from breaking up and increases its anabolic properties. Masten 100 is a derivative of DHT with a slight structural change and with addition of propionate – the short ester that controls the hormone release. Masten 100 mg is in a small group of anabolic steroids of strong anti-oestrogen properties so there is no need to use other anti-oestrogens during the cycle. The users highlight the effect of hard muscles in the cutting cycle. The drug based on DHT is more androgenic than testosterone. Masten 100 mg not only gives the effect of hard muscle but also handles lipolysis (fat burning). In order to achieve non-fat mass it is recommended to chose another product, but Masten 100 mg manages well the strength growth.

As it has been already said, the drug is the most efficient during the cutting cycle. However, spectacular effects require quite a slim body. Masten 100 mg is usually included into the stack at the end of competition preparations in order to fight the rest of unwanted fat. Athletes with small fat tissue may expect great effects of a lean muscle.