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Form: 10 x 1 ml x 100 mg/1 ml

Manufacturer: B.M. Pharmaceuticals
Active Substance Trenbolone Acetate



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Trenbolin 100 mg – under this name we may find incredibly intense acting form of an efficient steroid. Trenbolone acetate became famous because of its ability to increase the hardness and the definition of muscles, as well as endurance. The results are not accompanied by undesirable water retention or the fat growth.

The competitors, in order to build muscle mass, usually administer the dose of 50-100 mg every second day. Testosterone amounts increase in the cutting cycle, however one should bear in mind that the daily dose of 200 mg and more may result in possible side effects. The portion of 50 mg every second day seems to be small but trenbolone acetate is a very strong anabolic steroid and such dose will bring satisfying effects. The ampoule consists of 1ml / 100 mg of active substance. 

• Oestrogen: trenbolone acetate is anabolic drug which does not aromatize, however, such effect as gynecomastia is possible. It is dependent of individual predispositions. Most men are likely to avoid such effects. Sensitive users should add anti-oestrogens.

• Androgenic: Trenbolin 100 mg is strong androgenic hormone, so the side effects of trenbolone acetate are also possible. The most common ones are: acne, body hair or hair loss.

• Cardiovascular system: The product may influence the level of cholesterol by stopping HDL and increasing LDL, but such effects are not as strong as in case of oral anabolic steroids. This is totally controllable issue when the user has got an active lifestyle.

• Testosterone: all anabolics stop testosterone production by the organism. When it comes to Trenbolin, such blockade is quite clear so the cycle must be enriched with exogenous testosterone. After the cycle has finished and exogenous hormones are out of the body, the natural testosterone production is slowly balanced (although it takes some time). It is recommended to include Post Cycle Therapy which works stimulatingly to the natural testosterone production.

• Hepatoxicity: reasonable and recommended doses of Trenbolin 100 mg will protect the liver from negative effects of the drug.