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Form: 10 x 1 ml x 50 mg/1 ml

Manufacturer: B.M. Pharmaceuticals show all
Active Substance Stanozolol



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Stanobolin 50 mg, available also under the name of Winstrol or Stromba, is the most popular anabolic-androgenic steroid nowadays. In practice, everyone who aims at fast musculature growth or thought of better training results must have known this product. Stanobolin is used by a great number of athletes. This drug of anabolic properties guarantees really good results and perfect body. During the cycle with Stanobolin there are results in form of high quality muscles which are easy to maintain after the cycle has ended. This synthetic anabolic-androgenic steroid is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Interestingly, the injection form, contrary to most of the oily steroids, is easily soluble in water. Regarding of its hepatoxic influence on liver, Stanobolin should not be administered longer than 6-8 weeks.

As for an anabolic steroid, Stanobolin has the ability to build new tissues. This feature makes the drug very popular among athletes. Increased protein synthesis means the growth of muscles and strength. Stanobolin supports the chemical processes that proceed in muscles and improves the infusion of nutritients to all muscle cells. Such a mechanism results in a lean muscle without water and fat. Such muscle interactions are possible thanks to the chemical composition of Stanobolin. The synthetic steroid is a derivative of metabolites of testosterone, which support the protein synthesis and muscle development. Advanced specialists recommend to administer Stanobolin 50 mg in chronic swelling of limbs, face or throat.

It is worth to mention that Stanazolol is successfully paired with other drugs, enhancing their power.

Possible stacks (used along with Stanobolin in the same cycle)

- Nandrolone 300-800 mg per week

- Testosterone (sustanone, enanthate, cypionate) 300-700 mg per week

- Ephedrine 30-60 mg per 24 hours

- Boldenone 300-800 mg per week

- Primobolan 300-800 mg per week

- Trenbolone acetate 200-300 mg per week

- Trenbolone enanthate 300-400 mg per week

- Coffein 200-500 mg per day

Stanobolin is a potentially toxic drug. Its administration in large doses and over a long period of time results in serious health consequences. Overdosing leads to the significant increase of bad cholesterol and the decrease of the good one. What is more, Stanobolin in form of tablets may cause damages in digestive system and induce such ailments as nausea, vomiting, heartburn or flatulences. The injection version of this drug may cause bacterial infections, especially when the hygiene rules are not obeyed. The symptoms of intoxication of the organism are dyspnea in the chest and typical allergic reaction. Apart from skin rash, such symptoms as headaches, numb limbs or sleeping problems are also possible. Stanobolin may also influence the endocrine system. Men may struggle with frequent and long erections or gynecomastia. Possible side effects in women are menstruation disorders, hair loss and voice lowering. The drug causes foetus malformations, so it is highly recommended to dechallenge Stanobolin for a couple of months before getting pregnant.

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