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Testo-Med 400mg

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Pack: 10 ml/vial (400mg/ml)

Manufacturer: Bioniche Pharma show all
Active Substance Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Cypionate,



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Testo - Med 400 mg

Manufacturer: Bioniche Pharmaceuticals

Package: 400 mg (10 ml x 1 ml)

Chemical composition: testosterone propionate 25 mg / ml, testosterone cypionate 187 mg / ml, testosteron enanthate 188 mg / ml

Testo-Med is one of the best testosterone mixture available on the market. This steroid product consists of three testosterone types in doses of: 

  • testosterone propionate 25 mg / ml, 
  • testosterone cypionate 187 mg / ml, 
  • testosteron enanthate 188 mg / ml

The bodybuilders use it in order to gain muscle mass and improve efficiency. This product is usually available in form of injections and require some dose of precision.

The use of Testo-Med brings benefits in form of:

  • the improvement of protein synthesis in the body which allows the users to gain huge muscle mass in a short period of time,
  • increasing the number of hematids in the body which results in the ability of doing more exercises,
  • better organism efficiency

Testosterone aromatizes, which brings the risk of: gynecomastia, acne, water retention, mood swings etc. At some point, testosterone acts protectively for the joints, ligaments and tendons (in doses of 200-300 mg per week), but increased dosage may cause damages. The cycle with synthetic testosterone blocks the endogenous production of this hormone, so the body needs some time to get back to normal.

Testo-Med brings expected results when it is bought from a reliable manufacturer.

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