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Tri-Med 225mg

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Pack: 10 ml/vial (225mg/ml)

Manufacturer: Bioniche Pharma show all
Active Substance Trenbolone Acetate, Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, Trenbolone Enanthate



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Tri-Med is a version of a well known hormone. The drug contains three types of trenbolone, which results in long activity and effectiveness. Users have a multi-compound injectable product. The steroid mix contains three types of trenbolone: enanthate, acetate and hexahydrobenzylcarbonate.

The idea of mixing 2-3 substances in one ampoule is not new. Tri-Med is a great example of so-called combo mix product.

The juxtaposition of advantages against potential risk in case of compound products is usually beneficial. The element’s proportions are well balanced and guarantee optimal effects without maximum side effects. Using such steroid mixes as Tri-Mal one should stick to the acceptable doses and safe cycle length. Stacks of trenbolone with Masterone or propionate are as popular as stacks of decanoate with different types of testosterone (enantathe, cypionate, propionate). 

This type of mix, considering a large concentration of active substance, may cause pain after injection. 

It is said that trenbolone is the most preferable drug used for the cutting cycle. Its strong metabolic properties have been confirmed. What is more, Tri-Med 225 mg has the ability to gain and maintain the lean muscle mass, which makes the drug an outstanding product available on the market. 

It is known that in order to burn fat tissue one must apply low-calories diet. The organism perceive it as a threat and tries to reserve fat supplies using the muscles for the energy needs. As a result, lean muscle mass starts to vanish and the body starts to look worse. Tri-Med effectively blocks such unwanted results of cutting and improves the productivity. To sum up, we have a whole range of possibilities that are used not only by athletes, bodybuilders and gym individuals. Well shaped body without any fat and water, better endurance results are the properties of Tri-Med 225 mg. What is more, during the whole steroid cycle one may use only one or two ampoules of the drug. Worth mentioning is the fact, that the costs of each substance is higher than the cost of a mix.

Potential side effects of Tri-Med are not frightening if you stick to the doses. Using Tri-Med does not cause many side effects. If it does, it usually does not show up within every user. First of all, this is a steroid without aromatization features, which means that it does not convert testosterone into oestrogen. Tri-Med may cause gynecomastia, however it concerns only those who are malleable to it. In order to prevent it, the drug contains aromatase inhibitors. What is more, all types of trenbolone stop the endogenous production of testosterone (in the organism), therefore, the therapy with Tri-Med requires supplementation in form of exogenous testosterone. Tren may also cause hypertension but it is dependent of the hormone dose. The product is not recommended for people with high blood pressure. Healthy athletes can inject the steroid without any side effects. People with hair loss tendency should be careful as trenbolone is a steroid of strong androgenic properties. The drug may cause prostate hypertrophy, if taken in larger doses than recommended. There is also the risk of increased level of liver enzymes. The cases of kidneys failure are also known among users. However, if the doses of Tri-Med are balanced and the cycle length is not too long, the drug is perfectly safe. Side effects are mainly dependent of individual conditions and overdosing. Such symptoms as anxiety, sleeping problems, increased heart rate are a sign that the dose should be decreased, or the drug should be set aside.

In order to build muscle mass, the dose of 50-100 mg every second day should be enough. During the cutting cycle doses increase but if injected more than 200 mg per day, it contributes to the possibility of side effects. The portion of 50 mg every second day might be considered as small but Tri-Med is a steroid giant and such dose will bring noticeable results.

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