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Form: 120 pills x 10 mg

Manufacturer: Bioniche Pharma show all
Active Substance Oxandrolone



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Oxa-Med is a very popular anabolic-androgenic steroid in form of tablets. Its popularity is based mostly on the fact that it does not cause serious side effects. It is one of the small group of AAS that is highly effective and safe for women (it is even called “The Girl Steroid”). Oxa is not only suitable for women, men will also notice its benefits. The Oxa Med is a frequently forged steroid and is available in many countries under the different names. The original type of Oxa-Med is manufactured by Bioniche Pharma.

Oxandrolone, the active substance of Oxa-Med has got gentle androgenic properties. It was originally created to treat children and women. Oxa was supposed to prevent osteoporosis in women, and was also used as a growth stimulator in children. Oxa-Med rarely causes side effects when used in reasonable doses. Possible side effect is a gentle symptoms of virilisation. Oxa is usually used by women in doses of 10-15 mg. It rarely results in gentle symptoms of masculinization (such as voice lowering or increased body hair).

Oxandrolone is used in the bodybuilding circle because: 

1. It promotes significant strength growth which contributes to the direct and better endurance. It does not cause water retention in muscle and joints, therefore it is often used by athletes who do not want to be classified to the higher weight class. Oxa-Med users may expect the strength growth without the muscle mass growth. Steroid stack of Oxandrolone with Clenbuterol in doses of 120-140 mg will brings good results. Oxa used individually will not cause noticeable muscle mass growth.

2. Oxy-Med does not aromatize (testosterone does not convert into oestrogen). It is a rare property, as most of the steroids aromatizes and brings visible results. Oxa-Med accompanied by dies effectively results in hard and lean muscle. It does not burns fat but effectively stops appetite. The users rarely complain about side effects. The cycle with strong androgenic steroids results in such symptoms as gynecomastia or increased blood pressure.

3. High doses of Oxa-Med will not stop the endogenous productions of testosterone in the body, mostly thanks to the lack or aromatization.

Oxa-Med may cause such side effects as flatulence, nausea and vomiting. The risk increases when the tablets are administered along with the meal. The increased activity of the digestive tract may cause diarrhea in some Oxa Med users.

Oxa-Med does not cause strong side effects. As most of the oral steroids is has got a 17-alpha alkylated group which makes the drug potentially toxic for the liver. First symptoms of the liver damage are: stomachache, dark colored urine, vomiting, yellow skin and eyeballs. In this case, the cycle with Oxa-Med should not exceed 4-6 weeks.

When the user aims at high quality muscles, the cycle with Oxa should be enriched with other steroid, such as Masteron, Winstrol or Parabolan. Good results will give 25 mg daily of Oxa-Med and 50 mg of Winstrol or Testosterone propionate every second day.

Oxa-Med remains active in the body for 8-12 weeks.

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