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Stanox 10mg

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Form: 100 pills x 10 mg

Manufacturer: Biosira show all
Active Substance Stanozolol



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StanoX is a steroid available in form of tablets. It’s manufactured by Biosiora LTD. The anabolic activity in this steroid is caused by the active substance called stanozolol. Its high popularity is an effect of beneficial relation between anabolic and androgenic properties, along with a user-friendly form of administration.

StanoX guarantees the strong anabolic effect which helps in building the mass and muscle strength. The drug is not too androgenic. Its users get noticeable effects in musculature growth. What is more, they do not need to worry about complications which are the results of aromatization of testosterone into oestrogens. In practice, the cycle that include StanoX allows to gain relatively large muscle mass without water retention. The definition of the muscle is solid, therefore there is no problem in maintaining it after the steroid dechallenge. It is a unique advantage that does not occur frequently in strongly aromatizing steroids. StanoX is often used for cutting cycle. Athletes rarely use it in bulking cycle as it causes the decrease of SHGB level (the proteins that influences the reduction of free hormone level). However, it is worth mentioning that StanoX increases the anabolic acting of other steroids used in the cycle. For example, StanoX stacked with testosterone causes the increase of free testosterone level influencing its activity in the body. This is mainly the property of oral stanozolol, which passes through the liver.

Lack of aromatization in case of StanoX  reduces also the possibility of other side effects, such as oily skin, hair loss, acne of gynecomastia. This feature of stanozolol causes satisfying effects. StanoX is usually stacked with other steroids, like nandrolone or testosterone. The presence of C17 alkylated group in the compound is a negative feature of the drug that is harmful for the liver. Therefore, the cycle with StanoX should be enriched of preventive drugs. StanoX is available in package containing 100 tablets, each of 10 mg.

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